Michael Jackson Had Code Words for Molesting Children

Michael Jackson has been dead for 5 years but people are still accusing him of sexual abuse. In the latest lawsuit, James Safechuck, 36, claims Michael used code words when he molested him back when he was 10-years-old. Things are more fun when you’re pretending to be a spy, right kids?!

Safechuck says his erection was called “bright light, brick city” and semen was called “duck butter.” It probably made dirty talk real awkward. In addition to code words, Michael would have secret signals. When they held hands, a scratch on the inside of James’ hand with a finger meant Michael wanted to have sex.

To make matters weirder, Michael wanted a real relationship with him even going so far as to performing a secret wedding ceremony including a ring and a marriage certificate. Most likely written in crayon because that dude was a gigantic weirdo.

He also describes how Michael would take him to various homes — including a place called “The Hideout” in Century City — where they would drink sweet, pink wine and watch porn … including movies of children masturbating.

Safechuck says at one point … he questioned his own sexuality — because he also had a crush on Sheryl Crow, who was one of Jackson’s backup singers. He says Michael found out and became jealous … showing him unflattering pics of Crow without makeup.

Safechuck says the abuse stopped entirely when he reached puberty.

Apparently, if you wanted to stop being sexually molested by Michael Jackson, all you had to do was force your balls to drop. In the words of Michael, that would be “fucking disgusting.”

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