Nick Cannon Asked for the Divorce

Turns out Nick Cannon was the one who decided on a divorce. Cannon took a step back from his marriage and realized that Mariah Carey is craaaazy and not in the “we’re cutting prices so low we must be insane!” kind of way.

Sources say Nick is concerned about Mariah’s “emotional state” and is ending the marriage for the kids. He doesn’t think the “chaos” at home is a conducive environment to raise children in. Nick fears for Mariah’s mental health and believes her people only care about how much money she can make them.

That seems like a common complaint among celebrities. The sudden realization that the people who make millions off of you aren’t actually your friends, as if this was some shocking revelation. Celeb pro tip. You don’t have to pay people to care about you.

Update: Did I just put Carter instead of Cannon in the title? Sorry.

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