Paris Hilton Made $2.7 Million in Four Nights

For whatever reason, people want to see Paris Hilton spin songs someone ghost-produced for her. Using her fame, she managed to sign on for a residency in Ibiza where she made $2.7 million from four nights of pressing play. That’s $347,000 an hour.

Paris has appeared to confirm she received the sum for four nights work after retweeting a fan’s message about her big wages.

The tweet read: ”Only Paris can do this RT @SuperiorPics Paris Hilton ‘getting paid $2.7 for just FOUR nights work as DJ in Ibiza”’

Paris certainly seemed to be enjoying herself at Amnesia as she took to her Twitter account to tell her followers she was having a great time and reveal her favorite track to play is Calvin Harris’ ‘Summer’.

She wrote: ”Amazing time at @amnesia_ibiza! @CalvinHarris #Killedit! His song #Summer is so sick! Loves it!”

Paris Hilton couldn’t produce a track by herself if there was a gun pointed at her LV purse. She probably doesn’t even know what any of those knobs do. “This one orders a Vodka-Red Bull for me, right?”

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7 years ago

There is no God.

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