Security Guard Maces the Wrong Guy, Doesn’t Really Care

During a Seattle rally protesting Israel’s bombing of Gaza over the weekend, Raymond Wilford, 25, black, was wrongly maced in the face after police were notified of a shirtless white guy harassing protesters. The shirtless man had called at least one person a “towelhead” and had been angrily cursing at people.

Wilford, who had come to the Westlake Mall to meet a friend, had tried to avoid the shirtless man as he “heard him say a bunch of racial stuff.” The two somehow bumped into each other which almost erupted into a fight. Witnesses say the most Wilford did was try to make the other guy flinch by pretending he was about to throw a punch.

Security eventually arrived on scene and yelled “Stop” to Wilford. According to Wilford, “The white guy was still yelling and walking towards the security guard. I was like, ‘Why are you pointing your mace at me? He’s the one being aggressive.’ And then he pepper-sprayed me.”

Protesters began yelling at the security guard that he had the wrong person but it was too late, he had already crossed “mace a black guy” off his bucket list.

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