Both SUPer Laird Hamilton and Surfer Allen Sarlo Shoot Malibu Pier

Right now in SoCal there’s a once in a decade swell due to Hurricane Marie down in Baja. Naturally, all the surfers are taking advantage of the huge waves which will likely never be seen again for quite some time. One of them, Laird Hamilton, a stand up paddleboarder, decided to ride one of these waves right under Malibu pier. I’m not sure what’s more impressive about this video. Him shooting the pier or the gorgeous shot at the end.

Granted, some may argue that shooting the pier on a steady wave like this is relatively easy. But, whatever. I can barely swim as it is. It’s still kind of impressive to me. Anyway, here’s another shot of him threading the pier followed by footage of both him and surfer Allen Sarlo going through at about the same time.

Here’s drone footage of Sarlo doing it solo.

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