Taylor Swift Still on Her Mother Teresa Tour

Per this patient suffering from leukemia.

I recently underwent a bone marrow transplant due to leukemia. Taylor Swift stopped by the hospital for a surprise visit and dropped by my room to say hi! When she noticed the keyboard in my room, she asked me to play a song for her.

I decided to play a song I had recently started working on which was ‘Someone Like You,’ by Adele. She said she would sing what she knew, and I said that I would play as much as I knew. This was the most amazing moment in my life being able to accompany Taylor Swift.

She is super nice and cordial and probably made everyone’s day here at the hospital. It was so great of her to come out specially to visit all of us here at the hospital.

I’ve always wanted a famous pop star to visit me just so I could make them sing someone else’s song. Preferably a rival’s. If I see any apprehension, I’d guilt them into doing it by going, “It’d be great if you fulfilled one of my last wishes,” and then cough like I’m dying.

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