The Trailer for ‘Revenge of the Green Dragons’ Looks Fantastic

Andrew Lau is one of the most well known actors in Asia and is known here most for his role in Infernal Affairs. Martin Scorsese, of course, adapted Infernal Affairs into The Departed for the American audience, which, as far as remakes go, was really really good. The two are finally joining forces for the release of Revenge of the Green Dragon, a crime drama set in Chinatown. You should know by now that having both Andrew Lau (directing) and Martin Scorsese (producing) work on a crime drama together is every film nerd’s wet dream. Maybe that’s just me? Here’s a synopsis:

The film follows two immigrant friends, Sonny and Steven, who survive the hard streets of New York in the 1980s by joining Chinatown gang The Green Dragons. Sonny and Steven quickly rise up the ranks, drawing the unwanted attention of the city’s police force.

Damn the police. Always getting in the way of people’s illegal gambling and human trafficking. Don’t they have any real crime to fight?

The only major problem I see with this film is I’m going to have a hard time getting over the fact that one of the leads, Justin Choi, played Jeff Chang in 21 & Over.

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7 years ago

sorry but the director for the Revenge of the Green Dragons is ANDREW Lau, not ANDY Lau. Andrew Lau is the co-director and the producer of the Infernal Affairs trilogy

The Blemish
7 years ago
Reply to  mt

You’re right. I confused them for the same person. Fixed. Thanks!

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