Warner Bros. Thinks the Title for ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ Sucks

By all accounts, I’ve heard Edge of Tomorrow is a fantastic movie. A solid sci-fi flick which didn’t catch on like it should. Why? Maybe people still think Tom Cruise is a big weirdo. Maybe the marketing sucked. If you’re Warner Bros., maybe you think it’s because of the title. This could explain why they’re changing it for the second time.

The film was originally called All You Need Is Kill before it was changed to Edge of Tomorrow right before Comic-Con 2013. Now WB may be changing the title for the video release. An image uploaded of the Blu-Ray box art shows the new title as Live, Die, Repeat.

This is a great idea. Change the title so everyone looking to buy or rent this won’t be able to find it. Marketing 101, guys! High five!

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