20-Year-Old Man Mauled by Tiger at New Delhi Zoo

A disturbed man was either throwing rocks at a tiger in an enclosure or leaning over the railing of a tiger exhibit. Whatever he was doing, he lost his balance and fell into the moat of the enclosure and ended up face to face with a White Tiger. Things did not end well for him.

While the man sat there cowering and praying, bystanders began yelling and throwing rocks at the tiger to scare it away. Neither the praying nor the rock throwing worked. In fact, one witness said the stones appeared to make the tiger angrier. This fact should shock absolutely no one.

After 10 or 30 minutes, depending on which report you read, the tiger clamped down on the back of his neck and dragged him off. The force of the bite crushed his windpipe and killed him instantly.

The man’s father said he has been mentally disturbed since he was 11. Questions are also being asked about why it took almost 20 minutes¬†for zoo officials to respond to the emergency.

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