Bengals Re-Sign Devon Still So They Can Pay for His Daughter’s Cancer Treatment

Football isn’t all just about money and 250+ pound guys crumpling each other on the field. Sometimes it’s also about heartwarming stories like this one of defensive tackle Devon Still who was just re-signed to the Bengals.

Back in June, Still discovered his daughter, Leah, had stage-four pediatric cancer. Naturally, he ended up missing most of the team activities and minicamp during the offseason so he could be with her. He was totally understanding when the Bengals decided to cut him.

He said, “I¬†completely understand where the Bengals were coming from when they cut me because I couldn’t give football 100 percent.”

However, Still’s day got a lot better this morning when he received a call telling them he had been signed to the practice squad and would receive health insurance in addition to a weekly salary of $6,300. All so he could take care of his daughter. Not only would he still be able to play football with the Bengals, but he wouldn’t even have to travel and be apart from his daughter.

My god, what is this warmth in my chest? I should get it checked out.

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