Beyonce Will Resort to Photoshop for That Thigh Gap

Thigh gaps. Cleavage for Millennials. Girls want them. Genetics and/or ice cream won’t let them have it. Photoshop can, though. Photoshop will let us have anything. Like this sweet ass dinosaur for me to ride on.

Anyway, for the second time in two months, Beyonce has been accused of photoshopping in a thigh gap in one of her pictures. In an image posted on her website of her walking down a set of stairs, a noticeable distortion of one of the steps between her thighs can be seen. Thus leading to the realization that, girl, that thigh gap is fake. Thigh gap purists are not pleased.

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6 years ago

if you look at the shadow on the wall there’s no gap also.. PHOTOSHOPPED forsure

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