Cersei Lannister to be Naked After All

Croatian church authorities have reached an agreement with Lena Headey’s boobs.

Fans of Game of Thrones and Lena Headey minus her clothing will be relieved to know that producers of the HBO show have reached a compromise with church authorities in Croatia which will allow her character, Cersei Lannister, to do a naked “walk of shame” on the street in front of Dubrovnik Cathedral. Nudity within the church will be shot on a set [editor’s note: Guess who suggested that?].

If you can’t wait for season five of GoT, simply do an image search to see literally hundreds of photos of Lena Headey’s head badly Photoshopped onto naked bodies. Ms. Headey falls into the amateur Photoshop sweet spot of “famous enough it’s exciting to see her naked” but “not so famous that even idiots know she wouldn’t pose like a porn star.” My favorite (NSFW) shows her squatting naked in front of Stonehenge and a pair of tourists from 1982.

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7 years ago

Shes exposed her breasts in film before… Quite a few times if memory servers. The most notable that I can recall would be in the film 300.

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