Eagles Running Back LeSean McCoy Left a 20 Cent Tip, But Is He an Asshole?

Eagles running back LeSean McCoy and friends ate at PYT restaurant in Philly. We know this because the owner, Tommy Up, posted a picture of McCoy’s receipt on Facebook showing he only left a 20 cent tip on a $60 tab.

The implication here is McCoy is an asshole who doesn’t tip the hard-working waitstaff. But, that’s only the story if you don’t dig deeper.

By the server, Rob Knelly’s, own admission, he forgot their appetizer.

Knelly admits he made a mistake and missed their appetizer while serving them. “That was my fault,” Knelly said. “We were pretty busy at that point.”

Got offended that when they decided on what to eat, they used a swear word.

“They had been at the table for ten minutes,” Knelly said. “They were very indecisive about what they wanted. So I finally got their order and got everything they wanted. When he ordered he was like, ‘yeah, I asked for that s***. In a restaurant you don’t talk to a server like that.”

Didn’t like how they complained about the mayo.

“I got their food and they were saying, ‘I can’t eat this, how do you expect me to eat this? I need a bun now. I don’t eat mayonnaise.'”

Felt slighted they didn’t remember his name.

“They didn’t know my name,” Knelly said. “They just said, ‘you’re my server right?

Then ignored their table for the rest of the night because he couldn’t even.

They were being rude so after I gave them their food I didn’t go back to them until they were done. I just avoided their rudeness.”

Knelly is totally right. They should have given him a 20% tip for forgetting their food and not going back to their table to check up on them until they were done. What a bunch of jackasses. Not tipping a server for only partially doing the job he’s paid to do. This is America, dickwards. Don’t you know we reward mediocrity here? Why do you think we invented 2nd place trophies?!

Tommy Up responded saying he probably shouldn’t have put the receipt up on Facebook but is standing by his server because they were “rude.”

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7 years ago

Negroes never tip! 20 cents is a milestone!

7 years ago

That idiot had no idea who he was serving until he saw the name on the credit card. I bet his attitude would have been different if he did.

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