The Fappening Isn’t Done Yet

If you thought what is being dubbed, The Fappening, was done, think again. Leaks are still coming such as Sarah Shahi, Hilary Duff, Kaley Cuoco and more Brie Larson and Krysten Ritter. The theory of hacked iCloud accounts may be true, but it’s looking more and more like the other theory about a celebrity nude trading ring on the Darknet is what’s going on here.

People speculate that the ring was broken up by, what else, greed. One member thought they’d make a lot of money off the photos they had which got other members worried as the value of their now public pics began plummeting.  In a race to the bottom, more and more members began dumping their collections. Which is how we end up here. With so many celebrity nudes that everyone has started to become jaded.

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