The French Don’t Give a Damn About Kim Kardashian

The cops in Paris won’t investigate the “assault” on Kim Kardashian that left her fearing for her life and ordering an armored car and a bevy of armed bodyguards. Mostly because they don’t give a s**t. Unlike cops in the US who investigate the smallest sneeze, the Prefecture de police de Paris don’t get involved in such “minimal situations.” Therefore, no action will be taken against Vitalii Sediuk. That’s good news. The not so good news is now people in Paris will think they can do anything to anyone as long as they follow it up with, “It’s a prank! It’s a prank!”

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grumpy man
grumpy man
7 years ago

The French Police are used to dealing with real celebrities not dumb rapper’s over reacting silly little girls. Kim needs to understand that she isn’t important enough. I think this incident was a publicity set up that got a little out of control.

Ernesto Estayo
Ernesto Estayo
7 years ago

hey dumb s**t ! that whore and her family ( except the two Jenner girls ) are disease of this rock, why you care you also carry their goddamn diseases ?!

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