Iggy Azalea’s Ex-Boyfriend Has Permission to Sell Her Sex Tape

Hefe Wine, Iggy Azalea’s ex-boyfriend/manager who’s currently trying to sell their sex tape, claims Iggy has no say in the sale of the tape because, in 2009, she gave him exclusive rights to “manufacture, sell, distribute and advertise ‘any’ recording embodying visual images.”

The contract was meant for records and music videos, but Wine thinks “all he has to do is put a music bed under the sex tape which he claims would then give him exclusive rights to sell it.”

Not only that, Wine argues he can also make a website to host the video under that contract.

That reasoning seems a little shaky but it also sounds like Iggy and company are trying to lay the groundwork to make people think she has nothing to do with the tape even though she probably still has to sign off on it. If she really wants to, she could throw so much money at this that her lawyers would tie this up in court and offer to buy the tape from him just so he can avoid that mess.

Plus, there is no way that when he sells the tape to most likely Vivid that they’re going to let him own a website where he hosts the video.

That is to say, if this tape ever comes out, I’m still going to say Iggy agreed to it.

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