Jared Leto Showed Off His Praetorian Guard of a Weiner

Back in August, Alexis Arquette described Jared Leto’s penis as a “Praetorian Guard’s helmet.” No one knew what the hell that meant, just that she was describing a massive dong.

Well, while performing in Toronto during the Carnivores Tour, Jared Leto grabbed his package in the middle of “End of All Days” giving everyone a look at what Arquette was going on about. Suddenly, that description made perfect sense. “Oh, yea. I get it now,” I believe will be the typical reaction.

ONTD posted a video showing that, indeed, Jared Leto’s dick game is strong. And I’m pretty sure the Praetorian Guard description isn’t only referencing the size but how it obliterates every hole it meets. My god, it’d be like being penetrated by a baby’s arm.

Gif of the important part.

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Hard Little Machine
Hard Little Machine
9 years ago

Hmm now how does he play so many tucked in trannies again?

9 years ago

That’s a cock AND ball grab.