Josie Cunningham’s Story Gets Even Weirder

Remember Josie Cunningham? She’s the aspiring model who used government money to get a boob job. She then considered an abortion to appear on Big Brother. She decided against it but that didn’t stop her from smoking and drinking while pregnant. She also sold 4 tickets to the birth of her son for $50,000 which happened over the weekend.

If that wasn’t weird enough, the famous footballer who is one of the two people who may have knocked her up, is not a famous footballer at all. Before going into labor on Sunday, Cunningham tweeted the big reveal. The soccer player who she had known as Hull City captain Curtis Davies for 18 months was just some bum from a dating site.

While she did suspect he may have been lying earlier and had even told him to “write a pin number on his cock and send me a pic with his face in” to prove his identity, she figured they looked similar enough that he was legit.

Some think this is another PR stunt by Cunningham because Google exists now. Others don’t really give a s**t and think these two awful people deserve each other. I’ve transcribed the text below so you don’t have to scroll through images.

Almost 4 AM and I’m wide awake. Feel so dirty, ashamed and devastated. Before I explain why I have no doubt that people will think I’m lying, but I’ll upload some proof that I have been completely manipulated by a man for the past 18 months pretending to be a premiership footballer – I feel physically sick having to admit I was fooled by him and had sex with someone who simply looked like and claimed to be someone he wasn’t.

Back in April last year I received a message from a guy who I believed was Curtis Davies the captain of Hull football club. Over the past 18 months, I’ve believed this to be true. I’ve had sex with him, I’ve stayed in hotels with him and I’ve poured my heart out to him.

Back in May last year, my manager told me that he thought the guy could be lying – but I refused to believe it and foolishly have got angry every time since he has tried to suggest it. I was told to ask him to tweet me from his Twitter account, which he agreed to do – when I received the tweet it was from a new account and with no followers which concerned me, when I asked why it was not from the verified account I was told it was because I had a bad rep and could damage his career. I believed him. (I will tweet a pic from May 2013 showing that tweet)

Now people may think I’ve planned this, but no disrespect to the real Curtis, I would have chosen someone who public would know or a team known for the premiership like Chelsea of Man United etc also, the tweet was waaay before I got pregnant in May last year – I’m sure many of you would agree I wouldn’t be clever enough to set this up 18 months in advance! Words can’t describe how dirty I feel, I let a con man put his hands on me, kiss me with his lips and fill my head with lies – I’m heartbroken. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get a kick from thinking a premiership footballer was interested in me, I’ve been called a liar for months and I’ve had  my head held high thinking the whole country was wrong – when really it was me.

I’m 8 1/2 months pregnant, hated by the country, I have no friends and now find out I’ve been tricked into sex since May last year, for the first time in my life I feel completely heartbroken. I’m so lucky to have such amazing and supportive family. I’m sorry I didn’t believe you all when you said a footballer wouldn’t go near me. I’m sorry Rob for not listening to you and I’m sorry to everyone who has pointed out I couldn’t bag a footballer. 4 AM and I’m sat in bed looking at all the messages thinking “you stupid girl, you was tricked into sex.” :(

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