Justin Timberlake Might Have Cheated on Jessica Biel

Heat World has a few pictures of Justin Timberlake at VIP Room club in Paris a couple Fridays ago where he’s seen hugging, whispering and putting his arm around at least one brunette. This isn’t definitive proof he’s cheating on Jessica Biel, but it doesn’t paint a pretty picture.

Justin was in town performing at The Olympia Theatre before heading to the club with his group to celebrate a friend’s birthday. He took shots, drank wine and sang Happy Birthday to his friend. Then he probably took two girls home with him.

Onlookers said that after arriving at 1.30am, JT drank at his own table, but soon got up to dance – and it’s then that he was pictured in very close conversation with several dark-haired girls. “He seemed to spend a lot of time talking to one girl,” says heat’s onlooker.

“They were laughing and dancing together for around three hours. The other girl seemed to be her friend – they all left through the back door in two black vans, Justin in one and the girls in the other.”

Timberlake is attractive, famous, rich, a movie star and a singer. Let’s not kid ourselves. He banged them both. All night long. They probably couldn’t even walk right the next day.

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