Kanye West Wanted Disabled Fans to Stand Up

Last Wednesday, Kanye West stopped his show in Melbourne because two fans wouldn’t stand up and dance like he told them to. During his performance on Wednesday, he announced “unless y’all sitting down because y’all handicapped.” Well, they were. Awk-ward.

Fans at the performance confirmed the incident to Daily Mail Australia on Saturday after a series of Tweets about the moment flooded social media, with one saying ‘He wanted the crowd to stand up and couldn’t see why they were seated. Once it clicked that they couldn’t, he started the song.’

‘Imma see you if you ain’t standing up, believe me, I’m very good at that.’

When the musician saw a concertgoer waving a prosthetic limb to explain why they weren’t dancing, he acknowledged them, saying: ‘Okay, you fine!’

This happened twice.

But when another fan remained seated, he stopped the song Good Life, saying, ‘This is the longest I’ve had to wait to do a song, it’s unbelievable,’ before sending bodyguard Pascal Duvier into the arena to check whether the person was in fact in a wheelchair- which they were.

‘The crowd was also yelling that he was in a wheelchair but he waited for Pascal’s confirmation,’ the witness said, while others said the crowd made ‘wheelchair motions’ to alert the singer to his mistake.

‘When he sent Pascal up there he said, ‘He is in a wheelchair? It’s fine!’ the witness reported.

Being as egotistical as he is, it’s surprising Yeezus didn’t tell the kid he should try walking because he was in the presence of greatness.

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7 years ago

He proved he’s a retard when he married Kunt Kardashian.

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