Math Teacher Becomes Third Ever to Win $1M+ on ‘Wheel of Fortune’

Sarah Manchester, a math teacher from Maryland, became the third person to win more than $1 million on Wheel of Fortune. The show aired Wednesday but was filmed in May.

Manchester won $1,017,500 and a trip to the Dominican Republic, which, uh, I hear is beautiful this time of year? You can tell Manchester is so wet over the win because she says she’s “soaking in every minute of it.” Hm, maybe I’m taking that too literally.

As for what she’s going to do with the money, she plans to invest in her two children’s education and use it on family vaca…. I’m sorry. I dozed off for a minute there because that sounds so god damn boring.

“Sarah, you’ve just won 5 years of relatives you never knew you had asking for money!”

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