Miley Cyrus Called for a Police Escort Home

Because Miley Cyrus is a famous celebrity, photogs follow her around trying to get a shot of her taint. This displeases Miley. The only person allowed to see Miley’s taint are the fans that pay for it. Hence, why she was given a police escort while riding her Can-Am 3-wheeler around town.

On Monday, a photog was following her while she was cruising around with her sister Noah. After confronting him, she pulled into a fire station and called the cops. When police arrived, they decided to escort the two home. This pleased Miley prompting a thumbs up from her.

Seems the photog may have been following too close for comfort. In his defense, how else are you supposed to get a shot of celeb taint. Long lenses are only 30% of the solution. The other 70% are a combination of ingenuity and erratic driving.

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