No One Wants to Listen to Alec Baldwin

Ok, that might not be entirely be true. Maybe a few people might want to listen to Alec Baldwin talk about himself, but not for $40. Baldwin’s appearance at the University of Arizona, where he was billed as “the most interesting man in America,” was canceled due to poor ticket sales.

“A Conversation with Alec Baldwin” was supposed to be held at Centennial Hall, a 2,500-seat auditorium, where Alec Baldwin would recount stories about his life “from soap opera heartthrob to big screen star, prolific stage actor, award-winning TV comic, author and columnist, political activist, and advocate for the arts.”

Gosh, I wonder why no one wanted to listen to this jackass brag about himself for an hour and a half. This would have been basically paying $40 for the privilege of not giving a s**t.

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