Self-Entitled L.A. Parents Send Walking Death-Bombs to School

According to The Hollywood Reporter, dipshit Vegan granola-heads are refusing to vaccinate their kids in record numbers, destroying the social safety net that protects us from horrible old-school diseases.

Remember when noted neuroscientist and titty-exposer Jenny McCarthy said that vaccines made her kid autistic, even though a bunch of studies show that vaccines don’t cause autism? Well, so many Los Angeles parents, especially fancy folks who live in West L.A., have fallen for anti-vaccination bullshit that their pampered, germ-laden little ones have helped cause epidemics of measles and whooping cough (which can kill you).

The Hollywood Reporter story contains scary charts and maps and numbers, if you like that kind of stuff.

Turns out going to a normal school with the regular kids of non-famous people has a silver lining – you mostly don’t die, except of boredom.

People with whooping cough look gross, so instead, here’s a shot of fun, sexy angel of death Jenny McCarthy.

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