Amanda Bynes Released, Free to Act Crazy

Amanda Bynes managed to free herself from her psych hold where she’s been for two weeks. She ended up wandering around Sunset Strip Thursday night.

Sources familiar with Amanda’s treatment tell TMZ … she went before a hearing officer at the psychiatric facility Thursday, asking to be released. Amanda has been on her meds and sounds lucid, even though doctor’s say she is seriously mentally ill.

The hearing officer felt Amanda was stable enough that she could NOT be held involuntarily, so he ended the 30-day hold that had been granted last week and Amanda walked out the front door.

Bynes ordered fried chicken, salmon, Caesar salad with guac and a house salad with Italian and ranch which she scarfed down. She told the waitress she was hungry from a 20 pound weight loss but didn’t want people to see her eating because she didn’t want to look like a fat ass.

Amanda, who paid with a credit card that did not have her name on it, did not seem “with it,” according to the waitress. She would carry on a conversation and then when the waitress walked away, Amanda would mumble to herself.

Now that she’s free to be crazy, she went on a Twitter rant about how her dad is a sexual predator. This wasn’t the first time she’s said this.

  • It is not illegal to talk about my personal business.
  • I am going to court today with my lawyer to prove that I am more than capable of handling my personal life and finances and I am enraged
  • I got released from the hospital that Sam Lufti and my parents arranged to send me to because my dad is humiliated by what he’s done
  • I got a 4.0 grade point average at @FIDM and I am fully capable of taking care of myself and my finances and my parents just want to take
  • The police filed a report against my dad – I am not able to be in the same room with him. He is a sexual predator and he SHOULD BE IN JAIL
  • I am going to court with my lawyer today to fight my mother and father over control of my personal life and control of my finances
  • People need to hear the truth about who I really am – I need to show the judge that not only do I not need ANY help making decisions about
  • My future, I was planning on transferring to NYU, and I was never homeless, I was living in the nicest hotels until I found the right apt
  • In NY
  • So sorry you’ve been fooled by Sam Lufti and my parents, but they are lying about stealing money from me and i cannot continue to allow them
  • To abuse me any more !
  • Thank You everyone, have a great day :)
  • Also Love Bugs, I look horrible right now because I had a procedure done under my eyes to remove micro cysts under my eyes, so I need to
  • Wear a bandage To Court :-)
  • Sam Lufti is Ugly
  • jilly is pretty
  • I hate you
  • I am crying
  • I am ug butt
  • My sister is not as un pretty as me
  • Like would my mom need to help me take care of myself
  • My Dad Is UGLY FOOLS

When Amanda Bynes goes in front of a judge to fight her conservatorship and prove her sanity, it’d probably be best to not show him these tweets.

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