Kelly Brook’s Ex-Boyfriend David McIntosh Whipped Out His Dong

Kelly Brook broke off her engagement with David McIntosh last month, but the two met up for dinner on Wednesday in LA. Last week, Brook warned McIntosh that she had been hacked and pictures had been leaked (The Fappening).

McIntosh accused her of leaking them herself for publicity, “PMSL these naked pictures of moi hmmmmm confused how they have been leaked. Sneaky on another level!!!!!,” adding “silly me for sending pictures to someone I thought I could trust but then would leak them #byaccident.”

Brook shot back, “Your Ego is beyond. David all my US iCloud pics are online not just of you. Be a grown up.”

Anyway, Brook admitted they speak every day and here they are back together even though McIntosh was showing off his model girlfriend Metisha Schaefer in Miami last week.

Oh yea, and those leaked dong pics of him are here and NSFW. I’m pretty sure he drops a Viagra booster in his protein shake because the dude walks around with a 24/7 erection.

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