Kristen Stewart Wants to Focus on Being an Artist

Kristen Stewart told USA Today that she’s going to take a break from acting to focus on being an artist. Yep, those are definitely crickets you hear in this awkward silence.

“I’m taking some time off because I’ve been working for two years. I’m an actor and that’s my art form, and because I started that so young, I’ve always felt intimidated and insufficient when I think about other forms of art I want to create. I’m going to take so much time off,” she says. “I’m going to buy a live-work space in downtown LA and I’m going to make some (stuff) with my hands. Literally, I made that decision a few weeks ago. I’m making a short film. I’m making a bunch of (stuff). I don’t know how I’ll put it out. But I’m not going to hold it so preciously close to me. I write all the time.”

And that’s why very few can relate to actors. You’ve been working for two years? Aww, boo hoo. Here’s the world’s smallest violin playing for you. You know what they call that in the real world? A job.

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