Mariah Carey Is Losing It, Her Sanity & Her Voice

Mariah Carey gave a stunning performance in Japan on Saturday. Wait, did I say stunning? I meant the complete opposite of that. Carey struggled to reach the high notes during the launch of her Elusive Chanteuse Show tour in Tokyo on Saturday. While performing “Hero” and “Vision of Love”, she gave up and decided to just speak the lyrics.

In semi-related news, Mariah Carey pours wine into ginger ale cans and sips it through a straw. According to a report from Star, “She drinks white wine out of a ginger ale can. She sips it through a straw, so it looks like she’s just drinking ginger ale. [Her] assistants have to carry backpacks filled with wine so that if Mariah’s can ever needs a refill, they can go to a nearby bathroom and fill it up for her.” Also: “When she had people over, she’d have people on her staff follow her with a portable speaker, playing music — so she could make an entrance with a theme song.”

To be fair, I’d do the exact same thing with a portable speaker if I was famous. I’d also tell them to carry a red carpet with them at all times.

The source goes on to say Carey goes into trances sometimes. Describing a video shoot where people first witnessed them, “While the cameras were on she was amazing, singing and acting for the video. But right when the doctor yelled ‘Cut!,’ Mariah could barely stand to get out of the pool. She fell into a sort of trance. It was really scary. Nick saw the whole thing, he was just standing back watching, while the team helped her up. They were acting like it was totally normal, because for her it was. Mariah often goes into trances. She even has a special assistant whose job it is to stand behind her, just in case she falls backward.”

Another explanation could be that she really enjoys doing trust-falls.

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