Shia LaBeouf Explains His Cabaret Arrest

Last night, Shia LaBeouf explained to Jimmy Kimmel why he chased a homeless man around Times Square and was arrested outside of a cabaret. The short of it? Alcohol. Lots and lots of alcohol. The long of it…

You see, Shia had just gotten back from Ireland where he had been pounding whiskey. He was drunk to the point he actually cared about the World Cup match between South Korea and Lithuania. He ended up in a conversation with a homeless guy who got scared off by someone taking a picture. Shia chased him around trying to calm him down. He then ran into a random fan who was performing at a cabaret a block or two away. Shia agreed to check out the show. On his way to his seat, he found a bar and got another drink. Then he tried to hit on a couple cougars who weren’t having any of it. He then started feeding a cougar strawberries from a fruit plate. At this point he’s drinking multiple double whiskeys and is super wasted. He ended up slapping and grabbing Alan Cumming’s ass as he walks past him. Then he ended up at the police station where he turned into 2pac, spat on a cop’s shoe and ended up in solitary with a spit mask on.

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