Is This Unreleased Kesha Song About Dr. Luke?

Now that Kesha has filed suit against Dr. Luke for physically and sexually abusing her since she was 18, people are reading all sorts of things into anything they can find. Like this unreleased track from 2008 that Kesha wrote titled “7 AM”. Buzzfeed notes that the lyrics eerily mirror the allegations in her suit.

I was a fresh 18
(I’m bein’ such a good girl)
You call me while I sleep
(Get into my world)
You’re makin’ me phat beats
(Oh God look at him)
You’re sayin’ that you think I got star quality.

She also sings, “Need a shot of your tranquilizer.” Her lawyer alleges Dr. Luke gave her “sober pills” which was actually GHB. I’m not sure how anyone can fall for that. “Sober pills?” Come on. You might as well call them “I’m going to rape you later” pills.

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