The 2014 American Music Awards Were Sunday

The 2014 American Music Awards took place Sunday. Wondering what happened? Me too. Here’s what I pieced together from reading the web.

Jennifer Lopez performed that awful “Booty” song with Iggy Azalea. That screeching coming from Lopez prevented any part of me from even mildly enjoying that performance.

I like Charli XCX, but her new stuff is really a step back. Still, this was way better than watching Jennifer Lopez.

Ariana Grande got all fancy with “Love Me Harder.” No one is entirely sure how The Weekend does his hair like that. It looks like a loading ramp for a U-Haul.

Selena Gomez was still singing about Justin Bieber. She didn’t breakdown crying at the end like the girls on my past few dates.

Lorde did her thing with “Yellow Flicker Beat.” The Hunger Games soundtrack is actually a really good soundtrack. Taylor Swift was really into this one.

Of course Taylor Swift performed “Blank Space.”

Also, Fergie couldn’t take off her robe and when she did, it hung off her ass.

And everyone else on the red carpet.

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