4Chan Murderer Captured, Didn’t Commit Suicide by Cop

The Port Orchard murder suspect, now identified as David Kalac, has been captured. Kalac had eluded police during a high-speed chase Wednesday morning but was near where he abandoned his car. Before the body of his victim was even discovered, Kalac had posted graphic photos and details of his crime on the imageboard section of 4Chan.

The victim, Amber Coplin, was found by her 13-year-old son. The kid told police he heard a “very loud argument” between the two the night before. When he left the next morning, he assumed his mother was sleeping. When police finally discovered the body, it was surrounded by hand-written messages and notes that read, “She killed me first,” “bad news,” and “dead” written across her drivers license.

Investigators said Coplin “had obvious homicidal violence to her body” and neighbors told them they heard “loud thumping and banging noises coming from the apartment” during the night, according to the probable cause document.

They also learned that Kalac sent an odd text message to a friend hours after the murder, stating that people will see him “in the news” soon.

Kalac seemed to have chickened out of suicide by cop. Instead, he’ll spend the rest of his life in jail. On the bottom bunk. Always the bottom.

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