Artie Lange Turned Into that Creepy Uncle

Comedian Artie Lange went on a weird Twitter rant yesterday about a sex fantasy he had about ESPN First Take host Cari Champion. It was less comedy and more weird and lascivious. Like that uncle you knew as a kid who always told you to sit on his lap in a creepy, leering sort of way.

ESPN’s response to this was that they’re not going to dignify it with another comment.

His comments were reprehensible and no one should be subjected to such hateful language. They objectify and demean one of our valued employees under the thin guise of “comedy” and are offensive to all of us. We will not dignify them with any other comment.

Lange has since apologized to Cari Champion saying he’s sorry if he’s hurt her in any way. No doubt in part because of mounting pressure from the public.

His appearance on Midnight has since been cancelled.

This goes to show why you should stick to typing out sex fantasies in just one tweet. Usually it’s pretty hard to hang yourself in 140 characters or less.

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