Bill Cosby Squashed 1980s Sex Scandal By Leaking Daughter’s Drug Abuse

Proving Bill Cosby’s all-around shittiness knows no bounds, now comes word that he killed a sex scandal story by selling out his daughter, Erinn Cosby. Back in 1989, National Enquirer planned to run a story on Cosby “swinging with Sammy Davis Jr. and some showgirls in Las Vegas”. Page Six has the deets:

Cosby apparently handed the weekly a story about his then-23-year-old daughter Erinn’s battle with drug and alcohol abuse instead.

“My editor told me that daddy Cosby was the source. He ratted out his flesh and blood…”

Cosby was quoted in the flattering story as saying, “Deep down inside, she knows we love her.”

In 1989, The Cosby Show was the #1 rated show on TV. The story would’ve knocked it down, oh, just a few notches. Luckily, Cosby had a daughter to throw to the wolves and keep his alleged raping ways undercover.

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