Check Out the Amazing Trailer for ‘Hardcore’

Remember that Bad Motherfucker video last year which was a live-action POV short of what looked like Counter-Strike? There’s a sequel to it now called Hardcore starring Sharlto Copley.

HARDCORE is a modern, action Sci-Fi story about HENRY, a newly resurrected cyborg who must save his wife/creator ESTELLE (Haley Bennet) from the clutches of a psychotic tyrant with telekinetic powers, AKAN (Danila Kozlovsky), and his army of mercenaries. Fighting alongside Henry is JIMMY (Sharlto Copley), who is Henry’s only hope to make it through the day. Hardcore takes place over the course of one day, in Moscow, Russia and it’s all shot in the same style as BAD MOTHERFUCKER to be released in cinemas worldwide.

Night Watch director Timur Bekmambetov asked Ilya Naishuller, creator of Bad Motherfucker, to do a feature length film in the same style. The entire thing is mostly done but they’ve set up an Indiegogo campaign so they can add in the finishing touches and keep creative control. If you needed convincing of why they should keep creative control, check out the trailer. I hear the only way to get rid of the resulting erection is to donate.

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