Disturbing Video Shows Nanny Abusing Toddler in Uganda

A video being circulated the past couple days shows a nanny in Uganda viciously abusing the toddler she was trusted to take care of.

The footage, from a hidden camera placed in the home after the parents noticed bruises on the child’s butt, is frightening to say the least.

It begins with the nanny force-feeding the child food. When she can’t keep the food down, the nanny repeatedly slaps her. That’s the least horrible thing that happens in the video.

Moments later, the two are sitting on the couch watching tv. The suddenly child throws up over the couch and floor. That’s when the nanny loses it and violently throws her to the ground. What follows next is a brutal beating.

First, the nanny spanks the child with what looks to be a flashlight. She then steps on the child, kicks her in the side and face and then stomps on her before carrying her off like a doll to another room.

According to comments, when the father saw the video, he beat the nanny so badly that she’s now in a wheelchair, has to use hearing aids and has to eat through a tube. When she went to the cops, the father showed them the footage. They let him go and charged her with attempted murder. The kid is alive and doing well.

Graphic video of child abuse below. NSFL

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