Dwight Howard Under Investigation for Child Abuse

While the Department of Child and Families in Florida determined there wasn’t enough evidence to further investigate allegations of child abuse, the state of Georgia, where the incident occurred, has launched its own investigation.

As you may have heard, Dwight Howard beat his 6-year-old son with a belt buckle. Howard admitted to authorities he hit his kid but said he didn’t know it was wrong because he was hit as a kid. After an investigation in Florida, he was cleared.

However, doctors who examined his kid noted that based on how hard he hit him, the kid was a victim of abuse. “Dr. Kesler noted Braylon to have a linear bruise and patterned abrasions consistent with the history given by Braylon of being struck with a belt numerous times by his father.” The report went on to say the injuries were “consistent with Braylon being struck with the buckle end of the belt … with excessive force, resulting in soft tissue injuries such as bruising and abrasions.”

Georgia cops had asked Florida for the file but DCF was stalling until TMZ put up the story about the doctor’s findings.

A Georgia law enforcement source tells TMZ … “People who were not so forthcoming before today [Monday] have been.” The source adds detectives did several one-on-one interviews Monday and say the case “has now been raised to top of the list.”

Howard’s attorney tells TMZ … Howard’s baby mama Royce Reed is “shopping her baseless allegations” to Georgia authorities even though Florida’s Dept. of Children and Families found her claims had “no merit.”

Let this be a lesson to children of abuse. If you want it to stop and one of your parents is rich, drive a wedge between them until they use you as a pawn in their divorce.

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