Father and Daughter Invent Sustainable Condom

A father and daughter team, Jeffrey and Meika Hollender, have invented a sustainable Fair Trade brand of condom. I wonder what kind of testing they did.

People may think a father and daughter working on this is weird but they think this is the kind of open-mindedness that society should be celebrating. Also, sustainability is not what you think it means.

The focus on “sustainability” doesn’t mean a male user will last longer in the sack. Rather, these jimmy hats are made with latex from a sustainable rubber plantation in southern India. The plantation practices environmentally sound forestry; it also bans child labor, pays its 180 workers a living wage and provides free medical care and education to workers’ families.

The 27-year-old MBA-wielding daughter and her dad avoid awkward moments by letting the experts worry about the size and lubrication of condoms. Just as well because you don’t want to hear your dad discuss the merits of good lube and relating it to how your mom gets drier these days. That’s enough to send anyone into uncontrollable dry heaves.

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