It’s Good to See Bill Cosby Can Joke About Those Rape Allegations

So far, sixteen women have come forward accusing Bill Cosby of sexually assaulting them in some way. Twelve of those women say he drugged them. Washington Post has a timeline of all the events which is really helpful in seeing which years he was most rapey.

It’s not only women coming forward to accuse the guy either. Former NBC employee Frank Scotti showed NYDN the receipts from the money orders he took out for Bill Cosby to pay off all the women. Scotti claims Cosby had him procure models and actresses for him and pay them off when he finished with them.

Veteran NBC employee Frank Scotti says he helped Bill Cosby deliver thousands of dollars to eight different women in 1989-90 – including Shawn Thompson, whose daughter Autumn Jackson claimed the actor was her dad. The ex-aide also tells the Daily News he stood guard whenever Cosby invited young models to his dressing room, which eventually led him to quitting after years on the job.

Remember kids. Always save your receipts. One day they may help prove that your boss is a rapist. Allegedly.

Then there was last Thursday night where Cosby performed in the Bahamas for a women’s charity event for rape and domestic violence. There he mock-cried about the allegations and joked how he was an evil man. He received a standing ovation. As he should have. Haha, mothers and kids aren’t eating his pudding snacks anymore because he allegedly drugged and raped women. That’s funny!

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Phil me Cracken
Phil me Cracken
8 years ago

Bill and Hillary Clinton joked about the rape allegations about him to. So go figure.

8 years ago

You know damn well those white women are lying and now Susie Quan shows up all of a sudden. You can tell that s**t she was talking about was rehearsed. You white people have decided to go after Black celebrities who have money and every since Obama became president. That a majority of you do not have any type of sympathy for innocent Black males being killed by the Illuminati supported white poKKKlice officers. I guess next the Dallas cheerleaders will all say that Bill Cosby raped them back in the day!!! With all of the women that Wilt Chamberlain… Read more »

Phil me Cracken
Phil me Cracken
7 years ago
Reply to  mew

Silly negros deserve what they get by cops. Makes me happy when another one gets shot.

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