Jose Canseco Not Having a Good Month, Got Dumped

Imagine this. You’re Jose Canseco and everything is going well. You’re living in Vegas engaged to Leila Knight, a woman way out of your league, and everyone has mostly forgotten how you disgraced baseball (unless someone starts talking about baseball). You even start some sort of animal farm.

A year later, it all comes crashing down. You shoot off your finger while cleaning your gun, you don’t know how a prank works, and your fiancee dumps you because, according to her, you’re an asshole who mistreated her.

Of course, you threaten to kill her family because that’s what rational adults do.

Now you’re slinging mud back and forth.

There’s not much you can do besides shrug your shoulders, deny everything and go back to trolling for strange on Twitter. YOLO or whatever.

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