Katy Perry Will Headline Your Ball Sport Halftime Show

It’s been confirmed. Katy Perry, singer of female empowerment song “Roar” and idealistic love song “Unconditionally,” will headline the Super Bowl halftime show. Perry says she has some neat ideas for the annual testosterone-filled sports event.

“I’ve got some insane ideas this year,” she said in a video posted soon after the announcement. “What if we covered the stadium with glitter?

“But the glitter … was edible.”

If I know football players and fans of football players, and I’d like to think I do, there’s nothing they enjoy more than standing in the middle of a glitter explosion with their heads tilted to the sky trying in earnest to catch as many shimmering bits of paper in their mouths as they can. Plus, have you seen the price of hot dogs lately? This will be a welcome alternative.

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