Kim Kardashian Wants to Break the Internet With Her Ass

Kim Kardashian gets interviewed in the latest issue of Paper, but who cares what she has to say? The cover is what everyone’s going to be talking about. It’s Kim Kardashian drenched in baby oil showing off her ass. It’s huge! You could fit two Ariana Grande’s in there.

The second cover shows Kim balancing a champagne glass on her ass. Kim is very, very proud of this. As she should be. This is better than when Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. I mean, can Neil do this? No? Then f**k that guy.

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Roger Griffith
Roger Griffith
8 years ago

Not a blemish on her assets! …indubitably callipygian!!! Help Kim Kardashian break the internet … in less important news, humankind landed on a comet today

8 years ago

That thing is like photoshopped or something.

8 years ago

Its all about the $$$. Needless to say, when we see something beautiful we somehow get attracted to it. Not only beauty but also sex appeal, and the two combined become a lethal weapon (or trap) that attract us in the most unconventional ways.Everyone is looking for money, and some of these stars are willing to do some side jobs. is an informational site where you can see it yourself. A business thrives only if it has customers.

And porn is booming…