This Porsche Full of Coke Was Dragged Behind a Semi for 6 Miles

Jian Yeh was driving in China’s Jiangxi Province when he witnessed a new $160,000 Porsche Cayenne crash into the back of a semi and become lodged underneath. The driver of the Porsche, Zhen Yin, 32, had blacked out, it seems. Shocked, Yeh honked at the truck driver, Xiong Feng, 45, trying to get his attention.

“The driver was clearly unconscious and I didn’t know if he was dead or just asleep.

“So I started beeping my horn to try and either wake him up and alert the lorry driver.”

Feng wasn’t sure what was going on and drove for 6.5 miles before another truck driver flagged him down.

“The first I became aware of anything was when I heard some loud honking beside me.

“He had his window down and was shouting something but I couldn’t hear him and then he started pointing at the back of my truck.

“But I thought he was telling me to speed up, so I did.

“Eventually though I pulled over and it was only then that I saw the car stuck on the back.”

When police responded to the scene, they discovered the driver of the Porsche was a wanted drug dealer who was transporting a trunk full of cocaine.

If you didn’t think Zhen Yin’s day could get any worse, he now faces the death penalty for illegal possession of narcotics.

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