Richard Simmons Is Missing Because He’s in a Spiral of Depression

You’ve probably been sitting there wondering why you haven’t seen super enthusiastic fitness nut Richard Simmons for almost a year. TMZ has some answers for you.

The last time he appeared in public was January 11th. He hasn’t been seen or heard from since. Friends say he hasn’t been returning or accepting phone calls and has been telling his housekeeper to turn away visitors. He hasn’t even been to his studio, Simmons in Beverly Hills, for months. Curious considering he was there regularly shooting rainbows out of his ass in front of his class.

A source, who is one of the few people Simmons has contact with, claims he’s massively depressed due to a bad knee. Doctors tell Simmons he needs a left knee replacement or he’ll never exercise again. Simmons is absolutely terrified of the surgery and has been putting it off. He replaced his right knee four years ago, a surgery he held off on for almost a decade. He’s tried alternatives such as stem cell and red blood platelet therapy which have not worked.

Now he’s severely depressed and won’t leave his house. However, other friends think it’s more than just the knee that’s giving him the sads. For those that want ot know, no word on how long his fingernails have gotten or if he’s taken to peeing in jars.

What’s a depressed Richard Simmons look like anyway? That’s like asking someone to imagine a talented Paris Hilton.

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