Robin William Was Suffering From Dementia, Hallucinations

Robin Williams was already known to be suffering from the early stages of Parkinson’s before his death. However, new info from his autopsy reveals that he also had diffuse Lewy body dementia, a disease that could cause frightening visual hallucinations leading people to act out. That sounds awful. Like a bad acid trip that could happen at any time.

Dr. James Galvin, professor of neurology at New York University says it’s not uncommon for Lewy body dementia to make depression worse.

Friends of the late star told Today Williams’ family did not know the Oscar winner was suffering from that disease, but nothing in the report was surprising to them–it all seemed to fit with what they’d observed.

Casey Kasem was also suffering from the same disease before he died and his body passed around like a fruit tray at a party.

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