Scott Stapp Has No One Left to Take Him Higher

Creed frontman Scott Stapp posted a 15 minute Facebook video of himself smacking his lips and saying he’s broke and living at a Holiday Inn.

The odd turn of events came after an audit of his finances where Stapp discovered some irregularities. This included money stolen and unpaid royalties. “That’s when all hell began to break loose,” explains Stapp.

The IRS froze his accounts preventing him from retrieving his money. The IRS says it was a “clerical” error that would take “9-10” months to clear up.

Scott also says his wife filed for divorce and is trying to get him committed, accusing him of doing meth and being paranoid. Divorce docs include text messages from Stapp that say stuff like, “Florida is not safe. Biological weapons on the way.”

Stapp is now penniless. He’s been living out of his truck for the past few weeks with little money for gas or food.

However, Stapp knows who did this to him. Among them are people at his former record label. “My civil rights have been violated,” says Stapp. He’s now looking for a lawyer. Also, probably a sandwich.

Judging by this video, he’s time traveled back to the 1920s. If he wants all this resolved, he should first find his way out of there.

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