Someone’s Trying to Sell Usher’s Sex Tape Again

Back in 2010, someone broke into Usher’s car stealing 2 laptops, 2 video cameras and millions in jewelry. Three months later, a video of Usher and ex-wife Tameka Foster banging was being shopped around. TMZ said they were both givers.

In the past few days, someone has been trying to sell the video again. However, no one will touch the tape because to legally release it, both Usher and Tameka have to sign-off on it. That’s not going to happen. The only thing the thief┬ácan do is post it on or another anonymous site. But criminals aren’t very smart so the best they can hope for is having their IP traced, getting arrested and making no money off it. On the upside, everyone will get to see Usher having sex so I think he should go for it.

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