Taryn Manning Either Was or Wasn’t Arrested for Threatening Someone

Taryn Manning, who plays the psycho white trash inmate on Orange Is the New Black, may or may not have been arrested for making threats against a former friend.

TMZ says Taryn was ordered to stay away from former bff Jeanine Heller. However, on Tuesday, a judge determined she violated the mutual domestic restraining order when she threatened to kill Jeanine over social media. Court docs allege Taryn sent her messages such as, “I will kill you, bitch,” “Go f**k yourself and die,” and “What’s taking so long? Shouldn’t you be dead by now?”

Taryn did not show up to court so the judge held her in contempt which resulted in her arrest.

Things got murkier when TMZ reported the DA declined to prosecute Manning. Her lawyer claimed the arrest was voided. “The District Attorney declined to prosecute Ms. Manning and the arrest was voided. The allegation was false. It is unfortunate that additional false allegations by an individual convicted of violating orders of protection intended to protect Ms. Manning are facilitated by purported news organizations to perpetuate the harassment of Ms. Manning exponentially.”

However the NYPD tells TMZ the arrest was not voided, so who knows what’s going on here. The bottom line is, Taryn Manning really knows what to say to twist that knife. She has quite the way with words.

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9 years ago

The arrest was made her attorney is putting false info out there, NYPD confirmed the arrest and the charges stand.