Thai Girl Refused Kim’s Offer to Adopt Her

A 13-year-old Thai girl politely declined Kim Kardashian’s offer to adopt her. Knowing nothing about the Kardashians, it’s good to know that this teen recognized the horrors that would have befallen her.

Kim first met Laddawan Tong-Keaw, nicknamed Pink, at an orphanage in Phong Nga, a poverty-stricken region of Thailand, while filming Keeping Up With the Kardashians. The girl was sent there by her mother because she wasn’t able to take care of her anymore.

Pink and Kim quickly bonded which gave Kim the bright idea that it’d be cool to adopt her. “I literally cannot stop thinking about her. I told Kanye, I was like, honestly, this girl is so sweet and so cute, like, I would honestly adopt her.” Kris Jenner talked her out of it saying you can’t just go around orphanages adopting girls like puppies. That and the fact it’s very difficult to adopt a Thai child. It’s actually unsettling that Kris Jenner was the voice of reason.

Later, supervisors told Pink about Kim’s interest in adopting her. “When I found out she wanted to adopt me, I was shaking. I was so excited.” However, Pink responded with a polite “no.” She said she’d be leaving too much behind.

Also, let’s not forget this is a Kardashian we’re talking about. Even abject poverty would be better than becoming Kim Kardashian’s fashion accessory and having your soul whittled away with each reality show.

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