This Woman Live-Tweeted an Awesome Tinder Date

Carrie Mantha was sitting at a restaurant bar in Manhattan eating dinner when the dating fairies gave her a magical gift. A conversation between two people on a Tinder date. She described the man as “40, kind of generically good-looking, casual but well-dressed with a definitively preppy style” and that he embraced “every stereotype.” Like anyone would, she decided to live-tweet the thrilling conversation.

The guy seems like quite the catch as he starts off with a dad joke.

He then admits to this being his third Tinder date of the day. One more and he may need to get some help.

For whatever reason, he tells his date that he has a daughter he’s not providing for. I’m not sure that was the smartest move.

He goes on to brag about how this date is third on his list for today.

This guy isn’t just a socialite either. He’s got serious investors. *taps on pocket calculator*

Obviously wet from that exchange, the girl goes to the bathroom. The guy proceeds to open up Tinder.

He’s also really into fighter planes for whatever reason.

At one point, her called Obama “the Trojan horse of Islam.” The couple behind them choked on their drink. But let’s not talk politics. Let’s talk Africa and safaris and how eating lion brains will get you ebola.

Have you heard about apps? They’re the new, cool thing. He’s going to build one.

He then goes into whiny trust fund baby mode.

He has an interesting opinions on guns.

Then things get a little awkward.

You like wine? Dude has tons of wines!

His date finally tapped out.

And this is how a book deal is made.

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